What's New

October 2008
New Airset line increases mold making capacity


State Line Foundries is a quality-driven, customer-responsive iron foundry specializing in prototype and low-to-medium volume production castings.  We have the flexibility and mindset to produce one or many castings and to respond to our customer's urgent needs when they arise.

State Line Foundries is quality driven, having completed ISO 9001:2000 certification in November of 2002.  We have extensive in-house metallurgical testing capabilities.  Our Quality Manager routinely monitors processes to verify customer requirements using an in-house spectrograph and tensile testing equipment.  We also use process controls and special instructions for each individual part to assure quality.

State Line Foundries is organized to be flexible in order to respond to our customer's needs.  We produce castings ranging from ounces up to 2,000 pounds in lot sizes of one to thousands.  With our batch furnaces we pour multiple grades of gray and ductile iron each day.  Our flexibility and capability to produce iron castings of various complexities, sizes and metal specifications allows us to meet our customer's prototype and production requirements as well as those unexpected emergencies.

State Line Foundries would like to invite you to tour our facility and to discuss how we could best serve your company's particular requirements