Legacy Castings

Have you experienced:

  • Missed delivery commitments
  • Lead-times stretching out
  • Quality problems, recurring, persistent problems that are not solved satisfactorily
Are you looking to transfer existing work from a current foundry supplier?  Do you have quality issues and/or delivery problems that have prompted a search for another foundry?  State Line can economically adapt existing patterns and get production started quickly to minimize any disruption in supply.

  • Have in-house capability to minimize the cost of adapting tooling transferred to State Line.
  • A stable foundry in business for 45 years
  • Open to running a stocking program that allows customers to decrease inventories while benefiting from just-in-time deliveries.
  • Have the capacity to adsorb additional work.
  • Have experience managing awards of a large number of transfer jobs where the transition to State Line has been smooth and orderly with no disruptions in supply.
  • Where transfer jobs have a history of quality problems State Line finds solutions and then, as with all jobs, documents processes and works to closely maintain process control.
With our in-house pattern capabilities, State Line can economically adsorb additional work and quickly adapt your patterns to our operations. 

In a downsizing climate where foundries close unexpectedly, minimize your risk with a predictable source for your casting needs.


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