Low - Medium Production Volume Castings

State Line specializes in low-to-medium volume production.  Our lead-times are generally shorter than at other foundries.  Even more important, when circumstances demand expedited delivery we work with you to make that happen.

We are a high-mix, low-to-medium production foundry. We welcome low-volume production runs.  We produce castings ranging from ounces up to 2,000 pounds in lot sizes of one to thousands.

State Line follows a regimented procedure for initial sample approval before production begins. This procedure encompasses all customer requirements as well as State Line's internal requirements that we use to assure casting quality.

As optimal process parameters are determined in sampling, we thoroughly document each requirement and strictly maintain process control once production begins.

  • Process-control is the central focus in our high-mix, low-volume operation.
  • The key is process documentation and operator training.
  • State Line has been ISO registered since November 2002
  • Quality Management System guides all its activities leading to quality castings.

Lbs. EAU
up to 50 2000 - 3000
50 - 300 1500  - 2000
300 - 1000 1000 - 1500
Over 1000 500 - 1000

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