Rapid Prototypes

In-house certification

State Line can produce prototype castings FAST

We routinely meet tight deadlines because our quick-response team eliminates the "white space" between each step in the prototype production process.

  • Organized for speed - from the time we receive an RFQ until we ship an initial sample State Line focuses on reducing the lead-time of every step in the process.
  • Promptly return RFQ's generally within one day.
  • Solidification modeling is used to reduce time spent in the trial-and-error cycle
  • Select a pattern shop from several proven partners to optimize job fit, lead-time, ad cost.
  • Prototype tooling can often be used to produce interim quantities before full production is ready.
  • Dimensional inspection reports and material certifications are done in house.

The benefits of rapid prototype castings include:
  • Actual part - not a paper or composite simulated parts
  • Machineable - using conventional machines, to exact specs and characteristics
  • Machined casting can be assembled with normal production methods
  • Functional part - can be integrated into whole system and performance issues such as fit tolerances, strength, durability, etc. can be realistically evaluated
Most rapid prototype projects follow this sequence:
  • Receive solid model software file
  • Provide quote for appropriate tooling. For example, where a few parts are needed, the most economical materials will be used. Production quality patterns are also available for longer runs
Prototype lead times:
  • Tooling - 1-2 weeks
  • Prototypes -  5-10 days
  • Castings -  2-3 weeks for smaller parts


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